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Missouri Attorney General Jay Nixon

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To search consumer complaints filed with the Missouri Attorney General's Office, enter the name of a company or business owner in the form below. If you need to file a complaint, you can do that here.

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Company name, location and complaints filed

PO BOX 629025

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Complaints resolved successfully: 0

NOTE: "Complaints resolved successfully" means the consumer was offered something of value, such as a refund, services performed, a product or credit toward future purchases.

In the remaining complaints, negotiations are continuing or the business and the consumer were unable to reach agreement.

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Important Information About Know MO Search Results

Never rely on a sole source of information when making a business decision.

Complaints are displayed regardless of merit. The existence of a complaint does not constitute proof of any violation of the law. When evaluating the number of complaints against a company, take into account the size of the company and its transaction volume. For example, a credit card company may have millions of customers, while an auto repair service has only a few hundred. A thousand complaints against the credit card company may not be as significant as 10 complaints against the auto repair shop. You be the judge.

To find AGO News, the Know MO search engine scans the database for the keywords in the name of the company or individual you have selected to view. Accordingly, the AGO News search results will include the keywords in the name of that business entity, but may not correspond to the specific company or individual in which you are interested.